Antwerpen Wyngarp is a former Warrior Princess turned CIA Agent from Gath in the Wyngarp Empire.  Antwerpen is a member of the Superhero Group; the Fires (of Epic Proportions), where she represents the American Government and acts as second in command to Pachack.

Antwerpen has amnesia from her Ship crashing on Earth and cannot' remember her upbringing or life on Gath.  Since her arrival on Earth, Antwerpen has been converted into a member of the CIA and acts as America's personal "Superhero" and mascot.  As a member of the Fires, Antwerpen has been criticized many times by her peers for being far too logical and ruthless in her judgements.

Character HistoryEdit

Originating from the Planet Biffany, Antwerpen was only four years old when her Planet was destroyed at the hands of the Jaiger Empire.  Found by a Patrol of Wyngarpian Soldiers, Antwerpen was delivered to Gath, the home Planet of the Wyngarpian Empire where she was adopted by the Wyngarp Royal Family.  Being enemies to the Jaiger Empire, Gath's residents were Warriors, able to defend themselves against any foe that came looking for trouble, as such they had become a thorn in Jaiger's side for many years.

Antwerpen was raised alongside her adoptive Brothers; Dracio, Decapitor, Frek and Grydon under her Father and Grandfather.  The Former and Latter were both very aggressive to Antwerpen as a child which is what helped form her bitter demeanor.  When Dracio took the throne, Antwerpen watched as her Father was sent off as a Prisoner to the Jaiger Empire.  After Decapitor was put under Dracio's control and Frak's family were killed in order to banish him from Gath, Antwerpen and Grydon attempted to escape.

During the escape, Antwerpen and her Brother came under the attack of a group of Bletrics, only to 

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Through years of training by the Gath Royal Guard, Antwerpen was raised in military combat.  Antwerpen made use of her chosen weapon, Flame Axe as her signature tool.  Flame Axe is able to burst into flames when required.


Character Creator, Dan Hawkins has said he would like actor Olga Kurylenko to portray Antwerpen if there were ever a movie to be made.

  • Antwerpen Wyngarp is an amalgamation of two different characters from the New World Comic Series.  The main appearence is based on Antwerpen, a male Tahmm Warrior who was genetically altered and sent to earth to kill Earth's Heroes.  The main bulk of backstory is based on Biffany Wyngarp, a warrior Princess who escaped her Brother and Grandfather's ruthless rule, however, Biffany does not have amnesia as Antwerpen does.
  • Biffany Wyngarp and Antwerpen are also alternative versions of characters from the original Old World Comic Series; the Assassain, Bitch and the Tahmm Bounty Hunter, Antwerpen;respectivley.