Merlin Ambrosius, also known as Pachack is a "Superhero" from London, England.  Pachack is the Leader of the Superhero Group; the Fires (of Epic Proportions) and acts as the personal Bodyguard to the British Royal Family and has served them since WWI when he retruned to Earth.

Pachack was once the famous Wizard, Merlin who acted as King Arthur's Advisor until his mortal body died, leaving his spirit to linger on, drifting through space and time until he formed himself a new body and became a great Warrior and Dictator throughout many Galaxies before returning to Earth to once again serve England.

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  • Character Creator, Dan Hawkins has said he would like actor Mark Strong to portray Pachack if there were ever a movie to be made.
  • In the original Old World Comic Series, Pachack is in fact an alternate reality version of TANK General and Superhero, Roulette Bragon and is a member if the Owver Alien Race.
  • The idea for Pachack's origin being linked to the Wizard, Merlin was inspired by a throw away line from Gandalf in "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers".
  • Pachack's role in the Epic Universe was almost taken by Villain, Disdain.