Ryan Harrington - The Shark
Ryan Harrington, also known as the Shark is a Vigilante from New Birmingham, England.  Ryan is a member of the Superhero Group; the Fires (of Epic Proportions), where he often acts as a street level enforcer known mainly to team up with Thumper.

Ryan is notable as being the youngest member of the Fires but also one of the most effective in battle, possessing DNA Traits of the Underwater Race known as the Rotaidarians which makes him only half human.

Character HistoryEdit

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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

To save his life from the great depths at the bottom of the Ocean, the Amphion Race of the Rotaidarians infused their DNA with Ryan's to create a Hybrid.  Due to this Ryan possesses many traits from the Rotaidarians such as the ability to breath under water and to produce, control and manipulate water when his body has enough of it or their is enough near by.

Ryan has been known to produce weapons from water of such thick density that it practically becomes rigid. Ryan also makes use if water balls to subdue his enemies and even performing such amazing feats as creating and controlling Tidal Waves whilest riding on top.

When not making use of his water powers which were very under developed in his earlier years, Ryan learnt basic fighting moves.  Ryan, however learnt this was not enough when he was beaten into a coma by several thugs and decided to take up Kung-Fu and utilized a Katana which he eventually learnt to master.  Making use of his water manipulation, Ryan is able to substitute his Katana for a stiff liquid sword which is just as effective.