The Fires of Epic Proportions 2

The Agent, Barney Wiggum, The Sphinx, Pachack, The Shark, Thumper and Ug.

The Fires are a Superhero Group formed through the joint Cooperations of both the English and American Governements as well as the Ancient Egyptian Society of the Sphinx.  The Team is often jokingly refered to as the Fires of Epic Proportions, something that was later abbreviated as a joke.

The Team's first members included Pachack, Thumper and the Shark who all came togeather to defeat an Alien Invader.  It was ony some later that the idea came about to form a Superhero Team in such troubling times.  Through this idea the Fires were born with the British Royal Family officially giving their Bodyguard, Pachack the command to lead the team.  The American Government agreed to the idea and ordered their personal superhero, Agent Antwerpen Wyngarp to join, this also lead to America's new found hero, Ug American to join. 

The Shark and his part-time Partner, Thumper soon joined on Pachack's request.  Initially, the Sphinx was reluctant to be involved and returned home to Egypt along with Pachack who argued the case to both her and the Society of the Sphinx to lending her talents to the team.  Finally, the Bounty Hunter/Assassain known as Barney Wiggum was sweet talked into joining by the Shark, though Barney has never quite felt at home within the team mainly due to being a long time enemy of Thumper and doubting his alleignance.

Togeather the Fires have stopped many Enemies and protected not only their homelands but the entire World on many occasions.  They have also struck an alliance with both the Other Guys of Mars and the Chaybexians to ensure Earth's protection.  The Fires especially played a big part in defending the Galaxy from the threat of the Jaiger Empire.

Team HistoryEdit


  • Merlin Pachack Ambrosius
  • Antwerpen Wyngarp
  • Ug Americann
  • Kamilla Neferet/The Sphinx
  • Ryan Harrington/The Shark
  • Austin Jarvis/Thumper
  • Barney Wiggum/Hammeroid


  • Advent
  • Matrix Rex
  • Gavish
  • Disdain
  • Decay
  • Chaybex Prime
  • The Green Men
  • The Spider Nation
  • Conclusion
  • Quentin Karloff
  • Boris Tarentino
  • TANK
  • Razor
  • The Wyngarp Empire
  • The Tahmm Empire
  • Jaigger Prime
  • Sammy Evans/Thunderstorm
  • Winston Rothbone

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